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JPARC is an online resource center for research on and the study of the performing arts of Japan. The site includes sections for the analysis of certain topics, multimedia articles, and reference materials such as glossaries, bibliographies, browsing indexes, and timelines. Modules are collections of Web pages devoted to a specific topic such as important theatrical figures or readings and productions of a single piece. For a tour see the video Welcome to JPARC! 

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Prints - Kabuki Playbills
歌舞伎・浄瑠璃 番付
ehon banzuke


Kabuki Dance Techniques

Bandō Kotoji performing Tadanobu


 Noh as Performance
noh stage performing Akogi


Intro to Bunraku
Bunraku puppet and puppeteer

Japanese Theatre in Russia

Russian program for kabuki, 1928

   Playwrights - Zeami
Public Noh in 19th Century
Bangai Noh Plays

All sections in JPARC use materials from the Global Performing Arts Database (GloPAD), a multilingual, Web-accessible database of media and information on the performing arts. Follow links to view records for individual images, videos, piece or person names, or production records on the GloPAD public interface.

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