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Water Station (Mizu no Eki), The by Boyd, Mari; Ōta Shōgo, Asian Theatre Journal, Volume 7, Issue 2, (1990)
Dance, Japanese;Kabuki
Kabuki Plays on Stage Volume 3: Darkness and Desire, 1804-1864, Kabuki Plays On Stage, Volume 3, Honolulu, (2003)
Sarachi by Rolf, Robert T., Asian Theatre Journal, Volume 10, Issue 2, (1993)
Les Spectres de Yotsuya by Sigée, Jeanne, Paris, France, p.311, (1979)
Love of Izayoi & Seishin, The by Motofuji, Frank T., Rutland, Vermont & Tokyo, Japan, p.172, (1966)
Traditional Japanese Theater: An Anthology of Plays by Brazell, Karen, ed. (pid 107), Translations from the Asian classics, New York, p.561, (1998)
Art of Kabuki: Five Famous Plays, The by Leiter, Samuel L., Mineola, NY, p.300, (1999)
Chūshingura: The Treasury of Loyal Retainers by Keene, Donald, New York, (1971)
Kabuki Five Classic Plays by Brandon, James R., Honolulu, p.378, (1992)
Kabuki Plays on Stage Volume 1: Brilliance and Bravado, 1697-1766, Volume 1, Honolulu, p.391, (2002)
Kabuki Plays on Stage Volume 2: Villainy and Vengeance, 1773-1799, Volume 2, Honolulu, (2002)
Major Plays of Chikamatsu by Chikamatsu Monzaemon, Records of Civilization, sources and studies, Volume 66, New York, p.485, (1961)
Sugawara and the Secrets of Calligraphy by Jones, Stanleigh H. Jr., New York, (1985)
Yoshitsune and the Thousand Cherry Trees by Jones, Stanleigh H., New York, p.286, (1993)
A Man and His Wife, Poet Lore, Volume 31, Issue Summer, p.197 - 203, (1920)
A Man Who Dashes Water on His Father-in-law. by Anonymous, Nōgaku (Nō and Kyōgen), Volume December, (1905)
Book of Kyogen in English, The, Tokyo, (1986)
Bussu [sic], The, Yōkyoku kai, Issue April, (1917)
Columbia University Course in Literature: The Wisdom of the East,, The by Waley, Arthur, 1, (1928)
Demon's Shell, The by Noguchi, Yone, Poet-Lore, Volume 17, Issue 3, (1906)
Fowler, The, Asian Journal, Volume 23, Issue 492, (1921)
Inaba Temple, The by Anonymous, Nōgaku (Nō and Kyōgen), Issue September, (1905)
Ink Smear, The by Hori Eishirō, Far East, Volume 20, Issue 455, (1921)
Ink Stained by Anonymous, Chrysanthemum, Volume 2, Issue 7, (1882)
Kyogen Book: An Anthology of Japanese Classical Comedies, The by Don Kenny, Tokyo, (1989)
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