Dressing the Noh Warrior II

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The divided skirts are first given three-dimensional shape by tightening the cords laced into the top back to form a large pleat. The divided skirts ready to be worn are shown on the left. 
Costuming  Costuming
        (GloPAD ID 1002131)                                       (GloPAD ID 1001983)
A wooden Y-shaped frame that will hold up the large bulge of the back panel pleats is slipped behind the cords at the actor's waist. The actor then steps into the legs of the skirts.
The waist bands attached to the back panel are laced over the Y-shaped frame...
...and the front panel is pulled up and centered at the waist where it is tied by means of bands attached to the waist of the skirts.
The back waist bands are pulled tight.
Costuming Costuming
(GloPAD ID 1001987)                             (GloPAD ID 1001988)
The hump is hoisted onto the Y-shaped frame and the waist bands brought to the front.
Costuming Costuming
   (GloPAD ID 1001989)                           (GloPAD ID 1002121)
Finally, the back waist bands are tied at the front waist in a decorative cross-shaped knot.
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