Dressing the Noh Warrior III

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(GloPAD Image 1001990)

To center the cloak acurately on the body, the actor slips both his arms through the sleeves.


(GloPAD Image 1001991)

Then the stage attendant stitches the center back to the underrobe.


(GloPAD Image 1001993)

The back of the cloak is tucked between the hump and the body and then secured in place with the sash (koshiobi) hidden behind the hump of the skirts. The bottom part of the cloak drapes over the hump.


(GloPAD Image 1001992)

Next, the right sleeve is taken off and allowed to hang loose while the attendant neatly folds the right front lapel of the cloak against the body and secures both lapels with the sash, which is tied so that it hangs down center front.


(GloPAD Image 1001995)

Then the decorative cords attached to the breast of the cloak are laced around the sash and tied in a loop.


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(GloPAD Image 1001998)
After this, a sword is placed on the left hip and secured by means of a cord that is tied decoratively at the right front.


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