Shura-mono (修羅物 Ghost of Warrior) Costumes

Below are the major elements for the shura-mono (修羅物 ghost of warrior) costumes and the various garments and masks that are generally used. The first item listed is standard for the warrior-courtier (kindachi) costume. Other warrior roles generally use different combinations, but the actors are free to make set variations depending on their interpretations of the play and the costumes available to them. Actors occasionally chose more unusual combinations, but these are by far the most common.

Major Elements Standard Variations

Chōken (draped differently, this is used for female roles)

Happi (also worn by bandits, demons, and strong gods)


Ōkuchi (plain, usually white, but can be light color, or have some embroidery)

Hangiri (dark color with bold metallic designs)


Atsuita-karaori (floated weft patterns create a brocaded effect)

Atsuita (same as above, but with strong geometric patterns, generally worn by men)

Nuihaku (embroidery and stenciled metallic-foil patterns on a soft, satin-weave fabric. Generally worn by women and aristocratic young men.)


Standard warrior-courtier: chūjō (worn also by civilian aristocrats)

Young warriors: jūroku, atsumori mask, imawaka

Middle-aged, successful warriors: heita

Virulent defeated warrior: ayakashi (also worn by vengeful ghosts)

Special: Yorimasa mask

Female warrior: zō-onna or masugami, or a standard young women's mask like ko-omote, wakaonna, magojirō, or fushikizō.

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