JPARC Glossary Key

How to use this glossary:

This glossary contains terms used in the JPARC modules, terms from various Japanese performing arts traditions.

The terms are written first in their romanized Japanese pronunciation followed by the Japanese characters and an English translation when appropriate.

At the end of sections appear the initials of the authors of that individual definition section. A key of the initials appears below.

Images and other media within the glossary definition pages are linked to the Global Performing Arts Database (GloPAD). Click the image to go to a large image or the database record for that object.


Key to editors of glossary terms:
  • KWB - Karen W. Brazell
  • MB - Monica Bethe
  • RY - Reiko Yamanaka 山中玲子
  • SN - Steven Nelson
  • JY - Joshua Young
  • RA - Ryo Akama 赤間亮


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