Kabuki Dance Project Toshiba International Foundation Sponsorship

The Kabuki Dance section of JPARC was developed with the sponsorship of the Toshiba International Foundation.


The Toshiba International Foundation
is also the earlier sponsor of the Noh as Performance and Scenery and Props modules.

The 2010-2011 project to build out the JPARC section on kabuki dance was funded by a grant from TIFO with supplementary support from Cornell University's East Asia Program (EAP) and it's U.S. Department of Education National Resource Center grant.  The East Asia Program, along with contributions from Cornell Council for the Arts (CCA), the Department of Theater, Film, and Dance (TFD), the Society for the Humanities (Soc Hum), and the Department of Asian Studies (AS), helped make possible the visit, performance, and workshop by Bandō Kotoji and Nishizaki Sakurako to Cornell in October of 2010. In particular Cornell Council for the Arts and the Department of Theater, Film, and Dance supported the filming of both the performance and the workshop with multiple high-definition cameras and offered the Class of '51 dance studio for the workshop. 

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