Videos of Bandō Kotoji Dancing at Cornell

Video of Bandō Kotoji's performance and workshop demonstration at Cornell University, October 6-7, 2010.

These videos show single, full dance pieces performed by Bandō Kotoji during his performance and techniques workshop at Cornell University in October of 2010. 1

In his performance Bandō danced three dances from the kabuki theater, the celebratory Sanbasō in full costume and the narrative pieces Tadanobu (a dance from the famous play Yoshitsune and The Thousand Cherry Trees) and Ryūsei ("Shooting Star") as su-odori, in formal dress without make up and costumes.

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  1. 1. GloPAC also has video of the performances by Nishizaki Sakurako during the performance and workshop. We welcome any interest in using those videos and developing them for use on JPARC. We have not included those video clips here as this project focuses particularly on kabuki dance, while Nishizaki's performances were nichibu, "Japanese dance" pieces that would not generally appear on the kabuki stage.
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