The Water Station: Script Translated

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Translated by Mari Boyd from Mizu no Eki by Ōta Shōgo.

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Onstage, a faucet with a broken spigot. From it water dripping in a fine line. A catchment receiving the water.

Upstage the old shoes and broken dishes of the countless people who have passed by. A black pile of junk, such as underwear, bicycles, birdcages.




 1. GIRL: Ando Tomoko

A girl
In the dim light
Comes walking

On the way up the small incline
The girl unexpectedly stops

The back of the walking girl

The back of the walking girl

The neck twists around
Toward the way she came
Toward the far expanse
Her face turns










Still brightly lit theatre.
The audience notices the girl.
From the far expanse
her gaze drops to near her feet
Then to the direction she is heading

The profile of the girl

Fingers to the lips
Of the profile

the face turns
to the watering place

The finely running water
The delicate sound of water
The girl descends
to the watering place
 Audience lights dim. Onstage the girl and the slender shadow of the faucet standing in the distance. The incline lies halfway from downstage left to upstage. A path stretches from upstage left in front of the heap of junk to stage right.

GloPAD Records

By the water
She sits down
basket on her knees

The girl watches the wind pass

In the girl's hand
a red cup from the basket

Towad the fine line of water
The red cup

The transparent line
Disappears into the red cup

In the gaze of her eyes
The red cup
fills with water

From the line of water
the red cup moves
To the girl's mouth

 Lights brighten gradually; the stage transforms from a "long road" to "here and now."
The girl drinking water
The water flowing through her body
The empty cup
the sky in the girl's eyes

The sound of water, present from before the beginning of the play, dies out; no sound.

The hand stretching to the basket
The girl's eyes
turn to the old road
 Music: Erik Satie "Three Gymnopedie," No. 1. (Piano by Takahashi Aki.) Low, as if gushing from the cup.



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2. TWO MEN: Inoue Hiroshisa (a)
Sasajima Hirofumi (b)
Two men approach
The girl observing the two
In the direction they came
Looking far away
the two men

Man (a)'s eyes
Shift to the direction he's heading

From the water
The girl retreats

Wearing an old suit, Man (a) carries bedding on his back; Man (b) carries a traveling case in his hand.

Reaching Man (a)'s ears
the sound of water
Man (b)'s eyes
are cast far away

Hiding on he heap of junk
The girl watches the two men
Man (a) moves toward upstage left.
Man(a) cuts across from stage left to the water.
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