Japanese Theatre in Russia: 1961 Tour Photographs and Designs

Tours Of Kabuki in Russia, 1961
Set designs and Photos

Set design for Narukami (1960) donated by kabuki company
(GloPAD Image 1005805) 


Stage Design for the play Renjishi
(GloPAD Image 1005806)



Fukunoske - Butterfly
(GloPAD Image 1006192)

Ichikawa Danshiro in the role of Old Lion
(GloPAD Image 1006195)

Renjishi, Hashinosuke
Kagaya Hashinosuke as the Butterfly in Renjishi
(GloPAD Image 1006193)

Kagaya Hashinosuke, actor, 1961
(GloPAD Image 1006196)

Kagaya Hashinosuke, actor, born 1948. January 1956: he made his first appearance on stage at the Kabukiza, receiving the name of Kagaya Hashinosuke and playing in the dance "Kumo no Hyôshimai." April 1967: Kagaya Hashinosuke took the name of Nakamura Matsue V at the Kabukiza, playing the role of Hinadori in the "Yoshinokawa" scene of the drama Imoseyama Onna Teikin. Nakamura Kaishun II is a talented onnagata actor trained by Nakamura Utaemon VI. His forte are impersonating princesses and playing the best female roles of budôgoto. Still was still active in 2005 for the tôshi kyôgen revival at the National Theater of the drama Ehon Taikôki; Kaishun played the role of Takechi Jûjirô.

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