Noh Stages - kirido 切り戸

Kirido 切戸 a side door in the left wall of the atoza. This small, half-sized sliding door is used for entrances and exists of the chorus, the stage attendants and sometimes the actors. A bamboo painting covers the wall.

Noh Performance of Miidera, October 1981
Noh Performance of Miidera,
October 1981
(GloPAD Image 1000800)
3-D Noh Stage
3-D noh stage
(GloPAD object 2458)
Noh performance of Okina, 1975
Noh performance of Okina
(GloPAD image 1000893)

GloPAD record

The kyôgen player leaves from the kirido after his interlude scene with the waki.
Video: Yamamba on the Atsuta Shrine Stage, Nagoya


stage diagram - kirido
The light blue area on this diagram shows the location of the kirido.
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