Japanese Theatre In Russia

Productions of Japanese theatre in the Soviet Union and Russia have a long and interesting archival history. In this section we encounter some of the rich materials from the archives of the St. Petersburg Museum of Theatre and Music Arts. 

Setagimi played by S. Suikovskaya in the play Oda Nobunaga
(GloPAD Image 1006204)
GloPAD image 1006133
 Poster advertising the 1928 Russian kabuki tour
(GloPAD Image 1006133)
Ichikawa Arajiro
Costume design by Emile and Tatyana Wiesel
(GloPAD Image 1006072)

In the early twentieth century the first overseas tours of the kabuki theatre took place in Moscow and Leningrad in August of 1928. The scenic and acting influences of those productions can be seen in the sketches and other memorabilia on display in this section. 

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