Definitions of Props

Props (Properties) Furnishing, set dressings, and all items large and small, which cannot beclassified as scenery, wardrobe or electrics. (Reid)

Properties Abbrev. to Props. Any item or article used by the actors other than scenery and costumes. DAVID'S GLOSSARY OF THEATRE TERMS by David Eedle (Online)

A theatrical property, commonly referred to as a "prop," is any object held or used on stage by an actor for use in furthering the plot or story line of a threatrical production. Smaller props are referred to as "hand props." Larger props may also be set decoration, such as a chair or table. The difference between a set decoration and a prop is use. If the item is not touched by a performer for any reason, it is simply a set decoration. If it is touched by the actor in accordance to script requirements or as deemed by the director, it is a prop. Wikipedia

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