Water Station Slideshow


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Mizu no eki
(The Water Sation)
by Ōta Shōgo
translated by Mari Boyd
photographed by Gerry Goodstein
performed by
the Pacific Performance Project
on September 7-11, 2005
in New York City

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On the following pages are slideshows of all nine scenes of Mizu no eki (The Water Station). Each slideshow presents a series of photographs taken during the Pacific Performance Project's September 2005 production along with the accompanying music and sound effects. The script, translated into English by Mari Boyd, appears as titles below the photos and is divided into main actions, minor actions, and stage directions. The main and minor actions are poetic representations of the characters' movements and frames of mind. The stage directions give instructions more prosaically to the actors and stage crew. Although there are no spoken words in the piece, each slow gesture and emotional gaze is eloquent in itself, and the unusually slow pace of the piece allows the audience to dwell on every drawn-out moment. Enjoy the show!

Note: The slideshows play using Flash. If you prefer to view them using QuickTime, please see "QuickTime Versions of Water Station Slideshows" below.

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