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Ichimura Uzaemon X
Group affiliations: Kikuya. Ichimura Uzaemon X was a son of Ichimura Uzaemon IX. He initially took the name Ichimura Shichijuro and first appeared on stage in November 1758. Four years later he took his father's name, Kamezo, as his father changed his name to Uzaemon. In 1788 he became Uzaemon X and Ichimura theater manager VIII. He had a debt from his father and it settled once, but he had a huge debt again in 1793 so Kiri Theater was opened as a substitute. He adopted a son of Fukuchi Shigebee (his relative) and made him succeed to Uzaemon. In 1797, a 65-year-old man supported him economically, and the following year Ichimura Theater was opened again, but he passed away soon after.
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Date of birth
1748 - 1748
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Date Deceased
February 15, 1799
Person > Person Alternate Name
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Also known as
Ichimura shichijūrō
Person > Person Alternate Name
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Also known as
Ichimura Kamezō II
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Also known as
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Associated Region
Edo (Japan) (historic region)