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GloPAD Ausweisnummer 1003770
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Titel des digitalen Objektes Mr. and Mrs. General Tom Thumb's Wedding Party cabinet card
Teil von einem Serie von 2 Objekte Fairy Wedding
Bestandteil assoziierte darstellende Kunst Sideshow
Bestandteil Portrait, group
Datum der Bestandteilsaktivität [Unknown] Unknown
Repräsentierte Personen des Bestandteils Barnum, P. T. (Impresario) , Thumb, General Tom , Bump, Lavinia Warren , Bump, Minnie Warren , Nutt, Commodore
Assoziierte Stelle des Bestandteils San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum
Repräsentierte Sprache des Bestandteils [Englisch] English
Assoziierte Personen des Bestandteils Curtis, A. M. (Artist) , Demorest, Mme. (Costumer)
Schaffungsdatum des Objektes [1863] 1863
Zerstörungsdatum des Objektes [Unknown] Unknown
Größe des Objektes 2.5 x 4 x 0 in
Anmerkungen des Bestandteils This engraving, taken from a photograph, depicts the wedding party of celebrated midgets Mr. and Mrs. General Tom Thumb, with Commodore Nutt as best man and Minnie Warren Bump (Lavinia's sister) as maid of honor. P.T. Barnum, who helped arrange the wedding, stands behind the midgets, who were all sideshow performers at Barnum's American Museum. This elegant wedding, known as "The Fairy Wedding,” took place on February 10, 1863 and was attended by New York high society, with a huge crowd gathered outside the church. The back of this cabinet card (see #1003773) bears a lengthy description of the reception dress Mrs. Thumb is wearing. These cabinet cards were sold at Barnum's American Museum.
Bezug des Bestandteils P. T. Barnum; America’s Greatest Showman, an Illustrated Biography.
Format des Quellenobjektes Cabinet card
Aufbewahrungsort des Quellenobjektes San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum
Ausweisnummer von dem Aufbewahrungsort Sfp0051
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Anerkennung Courtesy of [Collection name], San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum.
Bestellungsinformationen Contact San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum,

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