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GloPAD Ausweisnummer 1003850
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Titel des digitalen Objektes Billy Rose's Aquacade pennant
Bestandteil assoziierte darstellende Kunst Synchronized swimming
Bestandteil Souvenir
Production 1940, Golden Gate International Exposition, Aquacade, Aquacade
Stück Aquacade
Datum der Bestandteilsaktivität [Unknown] Unknown
Assoziierte Stelle des Bestandteils San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum
Repräsentierte Sprache des Bestandteils [Englisch] English
Assoziierte Personen des Bestandteils Williams, Esther (Performing artist) , Weissmuller, Johnny (Performing artist) , Rose, Billy (Impresario)
Schaffungsdatum des Objektes [1940] 1940
Zerstörungsdatum des Objektes [Unknown] Unknown
Größe des Objektes 4 x 9 x 0 in
Stoff des Objektes Felt, ink.
Anmerkungen des Bestandteils Associated locations: Acquacade; Treasure Island; Golden Gate International Exposition; San Francisco, CA. Felt pennants of this type were commonly sold as sounvenirs for young people at sporting events during the first half of the 20th century. They came mounted on a short, removeable wooden stick, and could be waved during the event to show enthusiasm. After the event, the pennants were often taken home and pinned to a bedroom wall as part of a collection. This example was probably part of such a collection; it has holes and marks that indicate it was pinned up with thumbtacks at some point. SFPALM
Aufbewahrungsort des Quellenobjektes San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum
Ausweisnummer von dem Aufbewahrungsort Sfp0035
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Anerkennung Courtesy of [Collection name], San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum.
Bestellungsinformationen Contact San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum,