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GloPAD Ausweisnummer 1003869
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Titel des digitalen Objektes Organ grinder Tony Cappasola photo
Bestandteil assoziierte darstellende Kunst Street performance
Bestandteil Musical accompaniment
Datum der Bestandteilsaktivität [Unknown] Unknown
Schaffungsdatum des Objektes [Unknown] Unknown
Zerstörungsdatum des Objektes [Unknown] Unknown
Größe des Objektes 0 x 0 x pixels
Anmerkungen des Bestandteils The barrel organ was a popular instrument for street music in Europe and America from the 18th through the early 20th centuries. A handle on the side was cranked by hand, turning the barrel inside the instrument. The barrel was covered with pins that hit keys, opening valves which allowed air to pass through pipes, creating the sound. The musician, known as an organ grinder, often performed with a monkey who was trained to dance to the music and retrieve money from audience members. The barrel organ, and its relative the hurdy-gurdy (a similar instrument, but with strings instead of valves) declined in appearance after WWII and the advent of transistor radios.
Bestandteil assoziierte darstellende Kunst Vaudeville
Bestandteil Portrait
Datum der Bestandteilsaktivität [Unknown] Unknown
Repräsentierte Personen des Bestandteils Cappasola, Tony (Musician)
Assoziierte Stelle des Bestandteils San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum
Schaffungsdatum des Objektes [1960] 1960
Zerstörungsdatum des Objektes [Unknown] Unknown
Größe des Objektes 8 x 10 x in
Anmerkungen des Bestandteils Inscriptions and markings: On reverse, stamped "Tony Cappasola", and "Helene Drennan Hardin Theatrical Agency, Fox Oakland Theater Building, 1815 Telegraph Ave., GLencourt 2-4609, Oakland 12, Calif." Written on reverse: "Bette Kaye Prod, Fairfield, Calif., Phone Harrison 5-3509" Circa 1960.
Aufbewahrungsort des Quellenobjektes San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum
Ausweisnummer von dem Aufbewahrungsort Sfp0084
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Anerkennung Courtesy of [Collection name], San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum.
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