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Titel des digitalen Objektes Dragon Dance in Singapore
Aufführungstermin [ 2000 - 2000] October 2000 - October 2000
Production 2000, Chinatown Complex (Singapore), Dragon Dance
Stück Dragon Dance
Stelle der Aufführung Chinatown Complex (Singapore)
Anmerkungen der Aufführung The Mid-autumn festival is a Chinese festival traditionally celebrated with lanterns and moon cakes. Each year, the Chinatown Community Centre organizes activities including performances of the dragon dance and lion dance to celebrate the occasion. Both the lion dance (wu-shi) and dragon dance (wu-long) are popular performances during Chinese festive celebrations. Often the performances are a combination of acrobatic skills and traditional Chinese drums and bass (like a gong). The attraction of dragon dance is the swirling and turning of the dragon. Usually the dragon "chases" behind a large ball (supposed to be pearl) and moves according to the way the ball moves. Becasue the dragon is so long it's very demanding on the performers and co-ordination among group members is very important. [B.C. Lim]
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