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GloPAD Ausweisnummer 72
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Aufführungstermin [Unknown] Unknown
Aufführungsteil Dance
Aufführungspersonen Yang Mansheng (Actor) (Earth) Li Dacheng (Actor) (Heaven)
Production Nuo Art Theater of Chizhou, Kaitian Pidi
Stück Kaitian Pidi
Sprache der Aufführung [Japanische] Japanese
Stelle der Aufführung China
Anmerkungen der Aufführung Piece is based on (but not identical to) the "Wusan qian" dance renderings of the Creation Myth; GloPAD includes images of these dances from both the Jin and Cao villages in Gaoxi region. Li Dacheng (Heaven) appears on the left-hand side of the photograph, holding an umbrella; Yang Man-sheng (Earth) appears on the right-hand side, holding a coin. See other records of the same play performed in the villages.