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GloPAD Ausweisnummer 76
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Aufführungstermin [Unknown] Unknown
Aufführungspersonen Wu Shaoming (Actor) (Kui-xing)
Production Nuo Art Theater of Chizhou, Kui-xing Choosing a Champion
Stück Kui-xing Choosing a Champion
Stelle der Aufführung China
Anmerkungen der Aufführung This piece shows how the deity Kui-xing selects a champion from among the students taking the imperial examinations. "Kui-xing" translates to "Star of Kui"; the term originally denoted the first (or primary) of the seven stars ("qi-dou") in the southern sky. As a result, "Kui" eventually absorbed the meaning of "champion," and therefore "Kui-xing" is the deity who selects champions.