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GloPAD Ausweisnummer 776
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Titel des digitalen Objektes The Necessary Stage community Activity Club House Theater
Bestandteil Theater
Eigenname des Bestandteils The Necessary Stage community activity club house
Assoziierte Stelle des Bestandteils Marine Parade Community Building
Assoziierte Personen des Bestandteils Lim, Beng Choo , Lim, Beng Choo
Schaffungsdatum des Objektes [Unknown] Unknown
Stoff des Objektes Concrete
Anmerkungen des Bestandteils The Necessary Stage is housed in the Marine Parade Community Building, located in a government housing estate area. The Community Building is shared by three organizations: the Necessary Stage, the Marine Parade Community Centre and the Marine Parade Community Library. See the record "Marine Parade Community Building" for more details. The Marine Parade Community Building is located next to a major traffic junction that leads to the highway. This image shows one side of the irregularly shaped three-story building where the entrance to The Necessary Stage is located. The Necessary Stage took up the basement area of the building. Its entrance is on the far right of the image. Also see "Necessary Stage Front Door" record.