Name der Person Hartley, Russell
Geschlecht [männlich] Male
Kulturzugehörigkeit American
Wohort (Land / Länder) United States
Geburtstag [ 20, 1924] January 20, 1924
Sterbetag [ 4, 1983] October 4, 1983
Beschäftigungszeit [1942 - 1983] 1942 - 1983
Gattungenspäzialität Ballet
Beziehungen mit Darstellenden Kunstgruppen San Francisco Ballet
Beziehungen mit Institutüten San Francisco War Memorial Opera House
Referenz(en) San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum
Anmerkungen In addition to his appearance in character roles with the San Francisco Ballet from 1942-1949, Russell Hartley also worked as a costumer for the SFB, notably designing 143 costumes for the first US production of the Nutcracker, staged by the SFB in 1944. Russell Hartley also wrote regular columns for periodicals such as Dance Magazine, After Dark Magazine, Opera and Concert, and The Trumpeteer. Hartley founded the San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum (originally called the San Francisco Dance Archives) with his private collection in the 1940's, and oversaw its development until his death. SFPALM

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Assoziierte Produktionen 1944Dec24, San Francisco War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco Ballet, Nutcracker, The
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