Name der Person Wildmen of Borneo, The
Alternative Namen Waino and Plutano (Stage name) ,
Davis, Hiram (Birth name) ,
Davis, Barney (Birth name) ,
Waino and Plutaino (Stage name)
Geschlecht [männlich] Male
Kulturzugehörigkeit American
Wohort (Land / Länder) United States
Geburtstag [Unknown] Unknown
Sterbetag [Unknown] Unknown
Beschäftigungszeit [1850 - 1905] 1850 - 1905
Gattungenspäzialität Sideshow
Beziehungen mit Darstellenden Kunstgruppen Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, Barnum's American Museum sideshow performers, Wildmen of Borneo, The
Beziehungen mit Institutüten Barnum's American Museum (New York)
Referenz(en) P. T. Barnum; America’s Greatest Showman, an Illustrated Biography.
Anmerkungen Brothers Hiram and Barney Davis, two mentally handicapped American dwarves, were exhibited as "The Wild Men of Borneo" during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, performing feats of strength. Although they had appeared with another showman from as early as 1850, P. T. Barnum assumed management of the pair in 1880. The Davis brothers earned over $200,000 in the course of their career (a fabulous sum, at the time), and became one of the most famous sideshow acts in the world. SFPALM

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