Name der Person Estrellita, La
Alternative Namen Hurtig, Stella (Authority name) ,
Jones, Mrs. Paul (Married name) ,
Estelita, La (Alternate spelling)
Geschlecht [weiblich] Female
Kulturzugehörigkeit American
Wohort (Land / Länder) United States
Geburtstag [ 1, 1879] February 1, 1879
Sterbetag [ 3, 1973] July 3, 1973
Beschäftigungszeit [1886 - 1921] 1886 - 1921
Gattungenspäzialität Flamenco, Tango
Anmerkungen Dancer of Spanish dances. One of the highest-paid and most sought-after performers of her time, La Estrellita ("The Little Star" in Spanish) danced for the heads of state of nine countries. Admirers fought duels for her affection, and Jack London wrote about her in two novels. SFPALM

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