Stücktitel Momijigari
Alternativer Stücktitel Koremochi (Earlier title) ,
Yogoshōgun (Earlier title)
Schaffungsdatum Muromachi
Erschaffer Kanze Nobumitsu Playwright
Assoziierte darstellende Künste Noh
Assoziierte Bewegung currently performed noh
Originalsprache [Japanische] Japanese
Abteilung der Struktur Two acts
Handlung The shite, a noble woman, enters with her attendants to admire the gorgeous autumn colors. While they are settling in to view the maple leaves, Koremochi enters with his entourage. The noble woman invites Koremochi to join their party. Koremochi initially declines, and he eventually gets very drunk. As night approaches the noble woman and her attendants disappear. The Hachiman deity enters with a sword. He is here to alert Koremochi of the impending dancer. The Hachiman deity also reveals that Koremochi’s real intention in coming to the mountain is to exorcise a demon. Meanwhile, the demon has disguised itself as a beautiful woman in order to kill Koremochi. The deity finds Koremochi, warns him, and gives him the sword he has brought. Koremochi wakes up the moment the demon reappears in its fearsome ghost form. They have a ferocious battle, and Koremochi finally kills the demon.
Anmerkungen Fifth category demon play. Props: A platform on which a veiled structure stands and from which the demon later appears.
Stück veröffentlicht in Japanese Noh Drama Volume III,
Three Japanese Plays from the Traditional Theatre,
Momijigari; La visite aux érables rouges

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Assoziierte Produktionen Momijigari ,
Performances of the piece 1000819
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