Stücktitel Kōtei
Alternativer Stücktitel Mei/Myō/Min'ōkyō (Earlier title) ,
Kôtei* (Transliteration) ,
Onōyōkihi (Earlier title) ,
Kotei (Transliteration)
Schaffungsdatum Muromachi
Erschaffer Kanze Nobumitsu Playwright
Assoziierte darstellende Künste Noh
Assoziierte Bewegung currently performed noh
Originalsprache [Japanische] Japanese
Abteilung der Struktur Two acts
Handlung The court official announces that Yôkihi, Emperor Gensô’s favorite consort, has suddenly fallen ill. (Yôkihi sits behind a veiled platform, which is revealed when Emperor Gensô sits down.) While the Emperor is lamenting over Yôkihi’s sufferings, an old man suddenly appears from nowhere. He claims himself to be Shôki who has come to repay the past kindness that he received from one of Gensô’s ancestors. He then gives the emperor a magic mirror with which to capture the demon who is causing Yôkihi’s illness. Gensô sports the illness demon with the help of the mirror, although he fails to kill it. In the second part the old man Shôki arrives at the palace in his official outfit riding a horse. He successfully slaughters the illness demon, and Yôkihi recovers immediately. Before disappearing, Shôki requests to become the guardian deity of both the emperor and Yôkihi.
Anmerkungen *Alternative Romaji (Roman characters) spelling. Fifth category demon play, also present play (genzai noh). Props: A larger platform representing the palace, on which a smaller platform is placed to represent Yôkihi’s sickbed.

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