Stücktitel Taisei Taishi
Schaffungsdatum [Unknown] Unknown
Erschaffer Kanze Nobumitsu
Assoziierte darstellende Künste Noh
Assoziierte Bewegung no longer performed noh
Handlung Prince Taisei’s Minister is on his way to set up a notice board announcing that Prince Taisei is distributing wealth at the palace. The Minister explains that because of Prince Taisei’s sincerity in wanting to help the poor, the deity Bonten granted his wish by giving him the Wish-fulfilling Gem from the Dragon Palace. At the Palace, a woman requests to take a closer look at this precious gem, and snatches it to everyone’s surprise. She escapes but leaves behind her name: the Dragon Princess. In part two, Taisei Taishi demands that feverish prayers be offered to Taishakuten so that he will return the gem. Answering the Prince’s request, Taishakuten brings along a heavenly army and attacks the Dragon Palace. The heavenly army eventually forces the Dragon Princess to surrender the gem, and Taishakuten and his entourage return to their heavenly abodes.
Anmerkungen Setting: Tenchiku, Haranai Characters: Shite: Taishakuten Waki: Minister from the country Haranai Tsure: other ministers Tsure: Dragon Princess

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