Stücktitel Meng-Jiang Nu (personal name)
Alternativer Stücktitel Bathing Vow, The (Translation) ,
Marriage Vow, The (Translation) ,
Meng Jiang nu (Title in original language)
Schaffungsdatum Qing dynasty
Originalsprache [Chinesische] Chinese
Handlung Wan Jiliang escapes a conscription order from the Emperor and hides under a willow tree. Meng-Jiang Nu bathes in a lotus pond near this tree, and Wan spies her; because she has vowed to marry whomever sees her body, she and Fan make a marriage vow.
Anmerkungen Traces of performance styles from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) still appear in this Qing-era piece performed by the Nuo Art Theater of Chizhou.

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Assoziierte Produktionen Nuo Art Theater of Chizhou, Meng-Jiang Nu (personal name)
Performances of the piece 77