Aufführungsname 1902Feb21, Grand Opera House (Seattle), Kirke La Shelle Comic Opera Company, Princess Chic, The
Startdatum [ 21, 1902] February 21, 1902
Enddatum [ 22, 1902] February 22, 1902
Stelle(n) der Produktion Grand Opera House (Seattle)
Stück(e) in der Produktion Princess Chic, The
Darstellende Kunstgruppen in Produktion Kirke La Shelle Comic Opera Company
Personen in Produktion Wilke, Hubert (Actor) Lawrence, Walter A. (Actor) McNeil, Neil (Actor) Leary, Thomas C. (Actor) Berri, Maud Lillian (Actor)
Anmerkungen ced100

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Components associated with production 1003726, 1003728, 1003729