Aufführungsname 1907Nov25, Savoy Theatre (London, England), Savoy Theatre (London, England), Caesar and Cleopatra
Startdatum [ 25, 1907] November 25, 1907
Enddatum [1907] 1907
Stelle(n) der Produktion Savoy Theatre (London, England)
Stück(e) in der Produktion Caesar and Cleopatra
Darstellende Kunstgruppen in Produktion Savoy Theatre (London, England)
Personen in Produktion Elliot, Gertrude (Actor) Robertson, Forbes (Actor) Robertson, Ian (Actor) Pilling, William (Actor) Cookson, S. A. (Actor) Tyrer, A.W. (Actor) Bickley, Frank (Actor) Vaughan, C.B. (Actor) Watson, Elizabeth (Actor) Langley, Charles (Actor) Pearce, Sam T. (Actor) Tonge, Philip (Actor) Troughton, John M. (Actor) Rhodes, Percy (Actor) Ringham, Walter (Actor) Ridley, Frank (Actor) Paget, Dorothy (Actor) Harker, Dora (Actor) Wheatman, A. (Actor) Willoughby, Lewis (Actor) Fletcher, Percy E. (Musical director) Platt, E. Taylor (Agent) Frost, Shad (Agent) Franks, Wilfrid (House/Theater manager)

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