Aufführungsname 1925Apr21, Kingsway Theatre, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Caesar and Cleopatra
Atlernative Aufführungsname Kingsway Theatre, London 1925 (migrated production name)
Art der Produktion Repertory theater run
Stelle(n) der Produktion Kingsway Theatre
Stück(e) in der Produktion Caesar and Cleopatra
Assoziierte Produktionen 1925Mar28, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Caesar and Cleopatra
Darstellende Kunstgruppen in Produktion Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Personen in Produktion Leighton, Charles (Actor) Bentham, J. A. (Actor) Lathbury, Stanley (Actor) Moore, Frank (Actor) Watson, Florence Marriott (Actor) Saintsbury, Helen (Actor) Culff, Howieson (Actor) Ayliff, H. K. (Producer) Shelving, Paul (Designer) Hardwicke, Cedric (Actor) Sunderland, Scott (Actor) Imlay, Agnes (Actor) Besant, Reginald (Actor) Mannering, Lewin (Chorus) Wright, Harold (Actor) Finlay, Donald (Actor) Martin, J. E. (Actor) Ward, May (Actor) Ffrangcon-Davies, Gwen (Actor) Smythe, Paul (Actor) Messiter, Eric (Actor) Barnett, Orlando (Actor) Anderson, Gerald (Actor) Hayes, George (Actor) O'Brien, Terence (Actor) Desborough, Philip (Actor)

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