Aufführungsname 1913, St. James's Theatre (London, England), Androcles and the Lion
Atlernative Aufführungsname Original British Production (migrated production name)
Art der Produktion Long-run
Stelle(n) der Produktion St. James's Theatre (London, England)
Stück(e) in der Produktion Harlequinade, The, Androcles and the Lion
Assoziierte Produktionen 1915, Wallack's Theatre, Androcles and the Lion
Personen in Produktion Nicholson, H. D. (Actor) Jeayes, Allan (Actor) Quartermaine, Leon (Actor) Calthrop, Donald (Actor) Turnbull, J. P. (Actor) Holloway, Baliol (Actor) Hewetson, Herbert (Actor) Sillward, Edward (Actor) Hutton, Ralph (Actor) Pearson, Hesketh (Actor) Greet, Clare (Actor) Heggie, O. P. (Actor) Webster, Benjamin (Actor) McCarthy, Lillah (Actor) Rutherston, Albert (Costume designer) Gartside, Neville (Actor) Brydone, Alfred (Actor) Outram, J. F. (Actor)
Anmerkungen Virtually the same cast and set appeared in the U.S. Premiere of "Androcles" at New York's Wallack's Theater in 1915

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