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Sakata Tōjūrō III
Character types: wagoto; jitsugoto; Arch-villains (jitsuaku). Group affiliations: Hiiragiya. Sakata Tojuro III was born in Osaka as a son of Heishiro, a niece of Sakata Tojuro I. He became a student of Sanjo Kantaro II and played a young male role under the name Sanjo Kanya. He became a student of Tomizawa Chiyonosuke and took the name Tomizawa Jushiro. In 1730 he was adopted by Sakata Tojuro II, changed his name to Sakata Jushiro, and played a male lead at the Nakamura Theater in Edo. In 1739 he became Sakata Tojuro III. In 1772 he took a travelling production and passed away in Sendai. He was active from 1730 to 1774.
Person > Date
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Date of birth
1701 - 1701
Person > Date
*/d_person/d_person.deathdateid 1007675
Date Deceased
August 24, 1774
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 6450
Also known as
Sanjō Hanya (first adult stage name)
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 6775
Also known as
Tomizawa Jōshirō
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 6903
Also known as
Sakata Jōshirō
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 7021
Also known as
Sharen (using three different characters)
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 7105
Also known as
Sakata Toujuurou
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 7130
Person > Country
*/d_person/r_person_country 13
Person > Culture
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Person > Person Geographic Affiliation
*/d_person/r_person_geographic_affiliation 1032
Associated Region
Edo (Japan) (historic name)