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The waki, Chôryô, is on his way to meet a mysterious old man whom he encountered in a dream. On his way, Chôryô tells (the audience) the story of how in his dream the old man demands that Chôryô put on his shoes for him. After Chôryô has respectfully done so, the old man arranges for another meeting during which he will hand over to Chôryô the secret treatise of military training. Upon arrival Chôryô finds that the old man is already there. After being chided for keeping the old man waiting, Chôryô is told to come back again in five days’ time. The kyôgen, one of Chôryô’s subordinates, enters and retells the story. He introduces the old man as Kôsekikô, who wants to help the Kan emperor, Kôso, win his battle by giving Chôryô, the Kan emperor’s minister, a secret military treatise.
In the second part, Chôryô appears with more elaborate costumes and carries a sword. Kôsekikô, too, dons a more formal outfit and carries with him a scroll. Chôryô’s final test is to retrieve the old man’s shoes, once more, from the river where a giant dragon-like creature awaits him. Chôryô bravely pulls out his sword and the creature gives in. Upon receiving his shoes, Kôsekikô hands Chôryô the secret treatise and explains that the creature in the river is actually Kannon, who was testing Chôryô’s sincerity and will continue to be his Guardian Deity. With that final disclosure, Kôsekikô returns to the high mountains and turns into a large, yellow boulder.
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