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On a pilgrimage from his monastery in Nachi, the Holy Teacher Yūkei 祐慶 (waki) arrives at Adachigahara in Michinoku (northern Japan). He comes to the dwelling of an old woman (shite). She agrees to give him lodging for the night. As she leaves to get firewood, she warns him not to look inside a certain room (neya 閨). The prohibition is broken by one of Yūkei's companions. When the monk (tsure) peeps in, he discovers it full of foul smelling corpses. She returns in her real form, a female demon, kijo 鬼女. Yūkei's prayers vanquish her.
M. Watson
The Kanze school uses the alternate name Adachigahara.
The piece is based on a poem in the Shuishū, the third imperial anthology by Taira no Kanemori 平兼盛.
**Alternative reading of the Kanji (Chinese characters).
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Adachigahara (Kanze School)
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Kurotsuka **
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Two acts