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Type of Work Book
Title Traditional Japanese Theater: An Anthology of Plays
Author Brazell, Karen, ed. (pid 107)
Journal Title Translations from the Asian classics
Publisher Columbia University Press
Place Published New York
Date Published 1998
Number of Pages 561
ISBN 0-231-10873-7
Notes Noh: Kamo (trans. Monica Bethe); Atsumori (trans. Karen Brazell); Izutsu (trans. Karen Brazell); Miidera (trans. Eileen Kato); Shunkan (trans. Eileen Kato); Dojoji (trans. Donald Keene); Yamamba (trans. Monica Bethe & Karen Brazell); Kyōgen: Thunderbolt (trans. Royall Tyler); Two Daimyō (Futari daimyō) (trans. Richard Mckinnon); The Delicious Poison (Busu) (trans. Don Kenny); Mushrooms (Kusabira) (trans. Carolyn Anne Morley); The Snail (Kagyū) (trans. Don Kenny); The “Sickley” Stomach (Kamabara)(trans. Ayako Kano); Kanaoka (trans. Carolyn Haynes); The Cicada (Semi)(trans. Carolyn Haynes); Atsumori (trans. James T. Araki);Kabuki: Shunkan on Devil Island (trans. Samuel L. Leiter); Suma Bay (trans. James R. Brandon); Yotsuya Ghost Stories (trans. Mark Oshima); The Hamamatsu-ya Scene (trans. Samuel L. Leiter); A Maiden at Dojoji (trans. Mark Oshima); Saint Narukami (trans. James R. Brandon); Jōruri: Mount Tempai and Tumult in the palace (trans. Stanleigh H. Jones Jr.); The Battle of Coxinga (trans. Donald Keene); The Love Suicides at Amijima (trans. Donald Keene); The First Note of Spring (trans. Janet Goff); At the Farmhouse (trans. Donald Keene); The Song of Sambasō (Sambasō jiutai) (trans. Jane Marie Law); The Miracle of the Tsubosaka Kannon (trans. Jane Marie Law);