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GloPAD ID 1003120
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Digital Object Title ogi-chu page 2
Part of a 40 Object Series Prints, Ehon butai ogi, volume 2
Component Associated Performing Art Kabuki
Component Woodcut (print)
Component Proper Name Ehon Butai Ogi: Page 2 of 40 in volume 2 of 3
Component Represented People Nakamura Kanzaburō VIII (Actor)
Component Associated Location Not applicable
Component Represented Language Japanese
Component Associated People Ippitsusai Bunchō (Artist)
Date Object Created 1917 - 1917
Object Creation Technique Woodblock print
Object Dimensions 6 x 9 x none
Object Colors / Patterns Pale gray, black, red, green, purple, pale brown
Object Material Japanese paper
Object Inscriptions / Markings Left: seal of Ippitsusai Buncho; right: Nakamura Denkuro (the actor's name); bottom left: Maizuru? (his literary name); hashira: chi no ichi
Component Notes Book is reproduction of 1770 original. Component References: Shibaie zuroku 1: Ippitsusai Buncho (p.116, 119); Kabuki Nempyo vol.4 (p.99, 101). On this print Nakamura Denkuro's literary name is written with a variant character for "tsuru." Figures are in fan shaped spaces.

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