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GloPAD ID 1003308
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Digital Object Title Promotional card featuring Maude Adams, Chantecler, 1911
Component Production photograph
Production 1911Jan23, Knickerbocker Theatre, Chantecler
Piece Chantecler
Component Activity Date Unknown
Component Represented People Adams, Maude (Actor)
Component Associated Location Museum of the City of New York
Component Associated Character Chantecler
Component Represented Language English
Component Associated People White (Photographer)
Date Object Created 1911 - 1912
Date Object Destroyed Unknown
Object Creation Technique Signed by Maude Adams, dated 1912
Object Dimensions 5.5 x 3.5 x 0 in
Component Notes Photographed by "White, N.Y." May have been used as an autographed card to hand to fans or a promotional postcard.
Source Object
Format of Source Object Photographic postcard
Repository of Source Object Museum of the City of New York
Repository Assigned ID 35.234.11
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Ordering Information Contact Museum of the City of New York, Rights and Reproductions Department,