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GloPAD ID 1003714
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Digital Object Title Nothing Personal, Somebody Lied sheet music
Component Associated Performing Art Minstrelsy, Musical, American
Component Music - sheet
Production 1908, Williams and Walker Company, Bandanna Land
Component Proper Name Nothing Personal, Somebody Lied
Component Activity Date Unknown
Component Represented People Williams, Bert (Actor)
Component Associated Location San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum
Component Associated Character Skunkton Bowser
Component Represented Language English
Component Associated People Walker, Ada Overton (Actor) , Walker, George (Actor)
Date Object Created 1907
Date Object Destroyed Unknown
Object Dimensions 11 x 14 x 0 in
Object Colors / Patterns Red, blue, and black ink on white paper.
Object Material Ink on paper
Component Notes Stamp on front: "Harry N. Nickerson"
Component Reference Sissieretta Jones: A study of the negro’s contribution to nineteenth century American concert and theatrical life.,
Nobody; The Story of Bert Williams,
Bert Williams; A Biography of the Pioneer Black Comedian
Source Object
Format of Source Object Score
Repository of Source Object San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum
Repository Assigned ID Sfp0113
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Credit Line Courtesy of [Collection name], San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum.
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