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Digital Object Title Kabuki, Nozaki Village, Osome's boat and Hisamatsu's palanquin leaving on separate hanamichi hanamichi
Part of a 3 Object Series Kabuki, Nozaki Village, UHManoa, April 2004
Component Associated Performing Art Kabuki
Component Set construction
Production 2004Apr23, Kennedy Theatre, Nozaki Mura
Piece Shinpan Utazaimon
Component Proper Name kari hanamichi
Component Activity Date Unknown
Date Object Created Unknown
Date Object Destroyed Unknown
Component Notes The "temporary" (kari) hanamichi runway extends from the stage to the back right of the theatre, mirroring the main (hon) hanamichi to its left. This arrangement is still used in some pieces today.
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Credit Line Courtesy of The University of Hawai'i, Department of Theatre and Dance; all rights reserved
Ordering Information Contact Department of Theatre and Dance, University of Hawaii at Manoa,

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