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Digital Object Title "The Water Station, September 2005, New York City, Pacific Performance Project; Scott Giguere, Amy Kim Waschke, Michael Place, Francile Albright, James Garver, Jamie Morgan, Nathan Guisinger, Meg McQuillan and Maile Holck in scene six"
Performance Date September 9, 2005
Performance People Holck, Maile (Actor) (A Young Girl) Morgan, Jamie (Actor) (A Young Girl) Waschke, Amy Kim (Actor) (A Young Girl) McQuillan, Meg (Actor) (A Wife) Place, Michael (Actor) (A Husband) Garver, James (Actor) (A Man) Albright, Francile (Actor) (An Old Woman) Guisinger, Nathan (Actor) (A Man) Giguere, Scott (Actor) (A Man)
Production 2005Sep, New York (N.Y.), Mizu no eki
Piece Mizu no eki
Performance Notes Three young girls with laundry (Holck, Morgan, Waschke), Man behind shoes (Garver), Husband and wife in caravan (Place, McQuillan)
Part of a 288 Object Series Water station, PPP production, September 2005
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