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GloPAD ID 106
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Digital Object Title Huangdi (Emperor) mask of the Nuo theatre
Component Associated Performing Art Xiqu, Nuo
Component Mask
Piece Zhang Wen Xuan , New Year's Greetings
Component Proper Name Huangdi (Emperor), Front view
Component Associated Location Nuo Art Theater of Chizhou
Component Associated Character Emperor Hanling, Emperor Song Renzong, Jade Emperor
Date Object Created Unknown
Object Creation Technique Carving
Object Dimensions 33 x 18 x 0 none
Object Material Wood; Ramie (beard)
Component Notes Mask used by Emperor Hanling in the piece "LiuWenlong"; by Emperor Song Renzong in the piece "Zhang Wen Xuan"; and by the Jade Emperor in assorted Nuo pieces. Zhang Wen Xuan & Zhang Wen Xuan [other pieces]