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GloPAD ID 2263
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Digital Object Title Vietnamese water puppetry ticket, 25 February 2000
Component Associated Performing Art Water puppetry
Component Ticket
Production 2000Feb25, Kim Dong Theatre, Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre of Hanoi, Raising the Festival Flags
Piece Raising the Festival Flags , Chu Teu , Mua rong , On a Buffalo with a Flute , Travaux agricoles , Catching Frogs , Chan vit va bat ech , Fishing , Vinh Qui , Mua su tu , Vua Phuong , Le Loi du thuyen , Children Playing in Water , Dua thuyen , Lan von cau , Mua tien , Dance of Four Holy Animals
Component Associated Location Brazell office
Component Represented Language English, Vietnamese
Date Object Created Unknown
Object Dimensions 5.75 x 3.75 x 0 in
Object Inscriptions / Markings Partial round ink stamp; handwritten price, date, and seat number; round imprint stamp: "Thang Long Water Puppet Troupe"
Component Notes Front of ticket. For back of ticket, see GloPAD ID #2266. Performance consisted of 17 short pieces.