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Digital Object Title Costume design for Harleqiun the Card Player, 1916
Component Associated Performing Art Pantomime
Component Costume design drawing
Production 1916, Comedians' Halt, Harleqiun the Card Player
Piece Harleqiun the Card Player
Component Associated Location St. Petersburg Museum of Theatre and Music Arts
Component Associated Character Polichinelle
Component Associated People Rykov, Alexander (Costume designer)
Date Object Created 1916 - 1916
Object Creation Technique Gouache, bronze paint
Object Dimensions 22 x 32 x cm
Object Colors / Patterns Color
Object Material Paper on a cardboard
Rights and Ordering Information- to reproduce or order a copy of this digital object
Rights Statement
Credit Line Courtesy of St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music; all rights reserved.
Ordering Information Contact St.Petersburg Museum of Theatre and Music Arts, (Attn: Elena Ampelogova)