Person Name Yoshizawa Ayame IV
Alternate Names Yamashita Koshikibu (Childhood name) ,
Yamashita Ichigorō (first adult stage name) ,
Yoshizawa Gorōichi (Earlier stage name) ,
Yoshizawa Manyo II (Earlier stage name) ,
Yoshizawa Sakinosuke III (Earlier stage name) ,
Kokai (Pen or literary name) ,
Shunsui (Pen or literary name) ,
Gender Male
Cultural Identity Japanese
Country(ies) of Residence Japan
Birth Date 1737 - 1737
Death Date September 28, 1792
Genre Specialization(s) Kabuki
Geographic Affiliations Edo (Japan) (historic region)
Reference(s) Kabuki Jinmei Jiten (p.675) ,
The Actor's Image: Print Makers of the Katsukawa School (p.489)
Notes Character types: female roles (onnagata). Group affiliations: Tachibanaya. Yoshizawa Ayame IV was initially a student of Yamashita Matataro I and trained in Keihan. He took the name Yamashita Ichigoro. He then became a student of Yoshizawa Ayame II and took the name Yoshizawa Goroichi, playing iroko (young male) roles. In 1745 he went to Edo and played young female roles. Subsequently, he went back to Osaka and changed his name to Yoshizawa Mandai (1753) but the following year, when Yoshizawa Ayame II died, he changed his name back to Yoshizawa Goroichi. In 1764 he changed his name to Yoshizawa Sakinosuke III and in 1778 he changed his name to Yoshizawa Ayame IV after Yoshizawa Ayame III died in 1774. He excelled in sewamono dramas and was at his best in wife roles.

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