Person Name Arashi Otohachi II
Alternate Names Arashi Hikokichi (Earlier stage name) ,
Sampu (Pen or literary name) ,
Wako (Pen or literary name) ,
Gender Male
Cultural Identity Japanese
Country(ies) of Residence Japan
Birth Date Unknown
Death Date Unknown
Genre Specialization(s) Kabuki
Geographic Affiliations Edo (Japan) (historic name), Osaka (Japan), Kyoto (Japan)
Reference(s) Kabuki Jinmei Jiten (p.23) ,
The Actor's Image: Print Makers of the Katsukawa School (p.475)
Notes Character types: buffoons (doke yaku); evil enermies (kataki yaku). Group affiliations: Ebisuya. Arashi Otohachi II was the second son of Arashi Otohachi I, and his older brother was Bando Matataro IV. He was active from 1769 to 1808.

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