Person Name Nakajima Kanzaemon III
Alternate Names Nakajima Dennosuke (Childhood name) ,
Nakajima Kanroku (Earlier stage name) ,
Zeshō (Pen or literary name) ,
Tōshi (using two different characters for To) (Pen or literary name) ,
Gender Male
Cultural Identity Japanese
Country(ies) of Residence Japan
Birth Date 1738 - 1738
Death Date January 13, 1794
Genre Specialization(s) Kabuki
Geographic Affiliations Edo (Japan) (historic region)
Reference(s) Kabuki Jinmei Jiten (p.403) ,
The Actor's Image: Print Makers of the Katsukawa School (p.481)
Notes Character types: evil enemies (kataki yaku). Nakajima Kanzemon III was a son of Nakajima Kanzaemon II. He was a first rate actor of evil enermies in Edo (1775) and was active from 1753 to 1794.

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