Person Name Roller, Alfred
Alternate Names Roller, Alfred, 1864-1935 (Authority name) ,
Roller, Alfred, 1864-1935 (Authority name)
Gender Male
Cultural Identity Austrian
Country(ies) of Residence Austria, Germany
Birth Date October 2, 1864
Death Date June 22, 1935
Dates Active 20th century (1901-2000 CE)
Genre Specialization(s) Drama
Geographic Affiliations Berlin (Germany), Salzburg (Austria), Vienna (Austria)
Performing Art Group Affiliations Reinhardt ensemble, , Wiener Werkstaette
Institutional Affiliations Theater in der Josefstadt (Vienna, Austria), Salzburg Festival, dup Deutsches Theater [350], Wiener Werkstaette
Notes Co-stage and costume designer (with Max Kruse) for SALOME. Worked with Max Reinhardt between 1905 and 1924 in Berlin, Salzburg and Vienna. Did primarily large-scale productions (e.g., Faust, Oedipus, Jedermann, Danton)

Associated Items

Associated Productions 1911Oct13, Berlin (Germany), Reinhardt ensemble, Oresteia, The ,
1922Aug13, Kollegienkirche, Reinhardt ensemble, Salzburger Grosse Welttheater, Das ,
1924Apr09, Theater in der Josefstadt (Vienna, Austria), Reinhardt ensemble, Kabale und Liebe ,
1911Mar15, Berlin (Germany), Reinhardt ensemble, Faust ,
1909Mar25, Berlin (Germany), Reinhardt ensemble, Faust ,
1920Aug22, Salzburg (Austria), Reinhardt ensemble, Everyman ,
1906Feb02, Berlin (Germany), Reinhardt ensemble, Oedipus und die Sphinx ,
1906Feb02, Berlin (Germany), Deutsches Theater (Berlin, Germany) ,
Reinhardt, Salzburg, 1920
Representations of person in performance 1003683
Components associated with person 615, 614, 287, 599, 1003563, 1003625, 1003625, 1003684, 1003756, 1003757, 1003762, 1003763