Person Name Roller, Alfred
Alternate Names Roller, Alfred, 1864-1935 (Authority name) ,
Roller, Alfred, 1864-1935 (Authority name)
Gender Male
Cultural Identity Austrian
Country(ies) of Residence Austria, Germany
Birth Date October 2, 1864
Death Date June 22, 1935
Dates Active 20th century (1901-2000 CE)
Genre Specialization(s) Drama
Geographic Affiliations Berlin (Germany), Salzburg (Austria), Vienna (Austria)
Performing Art Group Affiliations Wiener Werkstaette, Reinhardt ensemble,
Institutional Affiliations Theater in der Josefstadt (Vienna, Austria), Salzburg Festival, dup Deutsches Theater [350], Wiener Werkstaette
Notes Co-stage and costume designer (with Max Kruse) for SALOME. Worked with Max Reinhardt between 1905 and 1924 in Berlin, Salzburg and Vienna. Did primarily large-scale productions (e.g., Faust, Oedipus, Jedermann, Danton)

Associated Items

Associated Productions 1911Oct13, Berlin (Germany), Reinhardt ensemble, Oresteia, The ,
1922Aug13, Kollegienkirche, Reinhardt ensemble, Salzburger Grosse Welttheater, Das ,
1924Apr09, Theater in der Josefstadt (Vienna, Austria), Reinhardt ensemble, Kabale und Liebe ,
1911Mar15, Berlin (Germany), Reinhardt ensemble, Faust ,
1909Mar25, Berlin (Germany), Reinhardt ensemble, Faust ,
1920Aug22, Salzburg (Austria), Reinhardt ensemble, Everyman ,
1906Feb02, Berlin (Germany), Reinhardt ensemble, Oedipus und die Sphinx ,
1906Feb02, Berlin (Germany), Deutsches Theater (Berlin, Germany) ,
Reinhardt, Salzburg, 1920
Representations of person in performance 1003683
Components associated with person 615, 614, 287, 599, 1003563, 1003625, 1003625, 1003684, 1003756, 1003757, 1003762, 1003763