Person Name Bump, Lavinia Warren
Alternate Names Warren, Lavinia (Stage name) ,
Bump, Mercy Lavinia Warren (Birth name) ,
Stratton, Lavinia Warren (Married name) ,
Queen of Beauty (Stage name) ,
Mrs. General Tom Thumb (Married name)
Gender Female
Cultural Identity American
Country(ies) of Residence United States
Birth Date October 31, 1841
Death Date 1919
Dates Active 1858 - 1919
Performing Art Group Affiliations Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, Barnum's American Museum sideshow performers
Institutional Affiliations Barnum's American Museum (New York)
Reference(s) P. T. Barnum; America’s Greatest Showman, an Illustrated Biography.
Notes A midget who worked for a time for P. T. Barnum. Married another of Barnum's midget performers, General Tom Thumb, in 1863. SFPALM

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Associated Productions 1863Feb10, Grace Episcopal Church, Barnum's American Museum sideshow performers, Fairy Wedding, The
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